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Look at websites we created for our satisfied customers. Rely on our marketing savvy to create copy for you, or save money and write it yourself.

We specialize in simple sites for a simple price and never sell you more than you need! Each site is cleverly designed to hook your unique customer base.

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We put you first and never take on more clients than we can handle!

We are not afraid to say NO! We would rather turn down business than rush a website along, because we would rather say no, than create an ineffective website for our clients.

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What are you waiting for? You are losing valuable exposure and credibility every day you go without a website. Let us help you reach your niche market.

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We build a doorway to the world and hand you the keys so you control your website and your expenditure.

"I absolutely love my new website. It is so handsome and way better than my old website! --Mary Theisen,

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"I started Helping Hands Websites at the urging of a business associate, who wanted a quality site for a reasonable price that she could maintain herself -- should she choose to."